Docustroy - Secure Document Shredding

Services – Scanning, Storage, Shredding

Docustroy offers secure Off-Site document shredding services. You can bring the documents to us or we will come and pick up your documents for shredding at our facility.

Did you ever stop to consider that your private documents are available to be taken from your dumpster or even from the landfill?

Don't just throw your papers and electronic media into the garbage. Protect yourself against identity theft or even criminal liability by shredding all private papers. Your credit card receipts, canceled checks, folders, binders, CD ROM's, floppy disks, and other media holding your private information can all be thoroughly destroyed at Docustroy.

The shredded material is then recycled for environmentally responsible disposal. Safe and secure feeling. The peace of mind you will have in knowing that your documents have been safely destroyed and there is no risk of them falling into the wrong hands!

Secure Document Scanning

Docustroy can scan, index and store all your documents.

Docustroy offers secure document scanning. Scanning is done within our facility. We will pickup your files and use our equipment to scan and store all of your documents and then return the files to you or securely shred them depending on your companies needs. We have programs to fit the requirements of all businesses

Secure Online Storage

Access all of your documents via the Docusaver online storage system from any computer, anytime, anywhere!

Your files are stored directly onto the Docusaver online Storage System. Guaranteed to store data durably, with 99.99% availability and 256 bit Encryption. Store an unlimited amount of data Automatically backup your important files. Your data is fully encrypted at all times. Access your documents through Docusaver’s secure web portal from anywhere, anytime. Supports multiple platforms. Access your data in Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Off-Site Shredding

All scanning jobs done within our facility are destroyed onsite to reduce movement of confidential documents and to maximize security and privacy.